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Why should I pay a designer to build a website for me when I can build one for myself?

Good question. It is basically the same reason you hire a contractor to build your house or hire a landscaping service to maintain your yard. Yes, you could do it but it might take longer to complete. The quality and functionality will be compromised and your stress level would rise. So be kind to yourself and allow me to assist you so that you can get on with more important matters.

 What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website (RWD) is designing a website for optimal viewing across a wide range of devices. For example, desktop computer monitors to mobile phones would all be adapted according to the device specifications.

Quality Pictures

Need to add some pictures to your website but your web designer keep telling you that your picture does not have a high enough resolution? Solve this problem by purchasing a box camera and have the pictures developed to a CD. Or take the pictures with a digital camera. This will solve the problem. Depending on the cell phone, it may or may not have a high enough picture resolution.

Did you Know?

In today’s economy, it’s important to find a website designer that will work with your budget, but also be able to deliver the highest quality work at the same time. We will give your website a unique personality based on your requirements. Regardless of the size of the project, we can develop a website for you that will fit your specifications and suit your needs. All our website’s are: Custom designed to your requirements Fully responsive and mobile optimized Search engine friendly Quality tested in multiple browsers We do not offer bargain basement websites. If you are looking for a…

Ever wonder what the different domain suffixes means?

Here are a few suffixes to get you started….. gov – Government agencies edu – Educational institutions org – Organizations (nonprofit) mil – Military com – commercial business net – Network organizations ca – Canada th – Thailand biz – United States business